Lenexa Garage Door Repair

Lenexa garage door repair and service for Lenexa Kansas home owners.

Founded in 1869, Lenexa is a well-planned community located about 12 miles south of Kansas City, Mo. The 34.3-square-mile city has a resident population of more than 50,000, with a similar number of people who work here. Lenexa enjoys a healthy business base and is considered a city of choice for a variety of high tech and bioscience companies, as well as a number of national and international headquarters. Lenexa is a fair housing city.

If you find yourself in living in Lenexa and need garage door repair and service, we would love to be the company you call. Call Arrowhead Door today for your Lenexa garage door repair and service needs.

We offer a wide variety of garage door types and colors

Lenexa Garage Door Installation

Arrowhead Door Company offers garage door installation in Lenexa.

We even offer 24 hour emergency garage door service calls in Lenexa for homeowners needing an emergency repair on their garage door.

Garage door service tips for Lenexa garage doors

Lubricate moving parts
Once clean you’ll want to lubricate the rollers, tracks and pulleys. You can get garage door lubricant as a spray which will make it easier to get to those hard to reach places.

Clean the tracks
Cleaning the tracks regularly will remove the dust and other debris that might cause problems. You can brush the worst out, and then use a cloth to make sure you’ve got them really clean.

Examine the Cables
The one part of your garage door—aside from the counterweight—that you really don’t want to mess with is the cables that lift it up. These cables are under a lot of tension, meaning they could become hazardous if mishandled, and severely injure or even kill you.

However, this doesn’t have to stop you from examining them from time to time. If you do find issues, though, call in the professionals to handle repairs.

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