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Incorporated as a municipality in 1948, Leawood quickly became known for its lovely residential neighborhoods, beautiful parks and excellent schools. Over the past several years, the City has benefited from additions of retail and office developments with a recent emphasis on mixed-use projects which have helped to continue the diversification of our tax base. Throughout our history, enhancing our fine quality of life has remained a primary focus of the Leawood Governing Body as we strive to “grow with distinction.”
In addition to a thriving business community coupled with outstanding City services, our most important ingredient for success is our dynamic citizenry. Pride, generosity and enthusiasm continually fuel Leawood to even greater heights. The incredible spirit of volunteers working on commissions, advisory boards, committees and councils has resulted in far greater accomplishments than would have otherwise been realized.

Leawood home owners and business looking for replacement garage doors should contact us today. We offer competitive rates with any of those “big boys” and provide a much higher level of customer service and follow up with any Leawood garage door repair and service.

Leawood Garage Door Repair

Professional service with a personal touch with any Leawood garage door repair or service 

You’ll always know whom you’re going to work with. From the initial phone call to the estimate and the completion of your project, our owner and operator is always on-site for every job to make sure all your concerns are met.

Leawood home owners should consider having their garage doors serviced on an annual basis.  The maintenance aspects save time and money and protect your investment in your home and it’s security.

Garage doors that are faulty or damaged can allow unwanted guests into your home, including pets, animals and humans all of which may not have been invited !

General garage door maintenance should include :

Inspect the Weatherstripping
In order to keep the outside world where it belongs, your garage door should have weatherstripping running along the bottom of it. This precaution ensures that you get a nice, tight seal whenever the garage closes.

Give your weatherstripping a once over from time to time and look for any areas where it has become brittle or just plain worn out. Any hardware or home improvement store will sell weatherstripping, making it a breeze to replace.

Add Lubricant
In order to fight off the effects of friction on your garage door’s many moving parts, you need to keep them nice and lubricated. To do this, add white lithium grease to your opener’s screw or chain. For the overhead springs, you can spray on a specialized lubricant made for this type of mechanism.

Examine the Cables
The one part of your garage door—aside from the counterweight—that you really don’t want to mess with is the cables that lift it up. These cables are under a lot of tension, meaning they could become hazardous if mishandled, and severely injure or even kill you.

Leawood Garage Door Service

However, this doesn’t have to stop you from examining them from time to time. If you do find issues, though, call in the professionals to handle repairs.

Clean Your Tracks Out
Without clean tracks, your rollers won’t get very far. So inspect them regularly for debris or other issues. If they’ve become bent, have a professional take care of repairs.

Keeping your Leawood garage door in service is vital to the safety and security of your home.

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