Grandview Garage Door Repair and Service

Grandview Garage Door Repair for residents and commercial business owners.

Grandview Missouri a long dated history

Our history is deeply rooted dating back to the 1800s. Local legend has it that the community’s earliest leaders looked upon the rolling hills of the area and said, “Isn’t it a grand view?” Hence, the name for this quaint community located minutes south of Kansas City along Interstate 49.

Grandview is where 33rd President Harry Truman grew up working on the family farm. Today, the collective hard work from decades of active leaders has put Grandview on the map as one of the highest-ranked school districts in Missouri, home to nationally recognized parks and distinguished police and fire departments.

Growth in Grandview is constant. Exciting projects on the horizon will positively impact the future—like the redevelopment of Truman’s Marketplace underway now and construction of the state’s largest amateur sports complex, Gateway Sports Village, coming in 2017. We have only scratched the surface as the fastest growing city in Jackson County, Missouri.

One of the most attractive qualities about living, working, and visiting Grandview is the ease of experiencing its many amenities. It’s no accident. Grandview executes thoughtful development that influences growth AND works for everyone. For Grandview, it’s not about fitting the conventional description of a city; rather it’s about devoting efforts to build a genuine reputation on progressive, engaged and desirable development for the people who call Grandview home and the businesses who build here.

Arrowhead Door is proud to offer the following services to both home owners and commercial business owners

Grandview Missouri Garage Door Replacement
Grandview Missouri Garage Door Service
Grandview Missouri Garage Door Replacement Panels
Grandview Missouri Garage Door Opener Remotes
Grandview Missouri Garage Door Repairs
Grandview Missouri Garage Door Opener Remote replacement
Grandview Missouri Garage Door Installation
Grandview Missouri Garage Door Broken Spring Replacement
Grandview Missouri Garage Door Spring Replacement

Garage door service in Grandview Missouri is needed usually from worn out springs or lack of maintaining the lubrication for the wheels.

The moving parts of a garage door require periodic lubrication. Use an aerosol spray lubricant and wand to clean and lubricate all these moving pieces:
Combination hinge and rollers: Apply lubricant to the roller and the hinge to which the roller is attached (at either side of the door, between each pair of panels). Use lubricant sparingly; too much attracts dirt that eventually will gum up the works.
Hinges in the field or center of the door panels: The hinges that hold the center of the door panels together don’t have a roller. Apply lubricant to these hinges and then operate the door several times to distribute it evenly.
Lock mechanism on the door: Spray lubricant into the keyhole and work the key several times to distribute it evenly. Lubricate the pair of locking latches at each side of a manual door.

The homeowner should do the above to limit the cost of a Grandview garage door repair from turning into a full Grandview garage door replacement.


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